PAWSD fees stir debate

Pagosa Springs Sun

When another man questioned why PAWSD growth projections and anticipated Dry Gulch Reservoir costs were so much higher than those of the town or state, Schmidt explained that state growth projections over the past decade were off by 40 percent. He also discounted the accuracy of town and state reservoir studies, claiming they considered only the cost of building a new dam and not a related treatment plant and delivery systems.

Pagosa Realtor Mike Heraty asked why the PAWSD board seems unable to justify costs connected to developing Dry Gulch. He continued, by suggesting PAWSD “went around voters” while borrowing $11.2 million to buy land for the future impoundment.

As Wessels took offense to Heraty’s comments, then attempted to explain how voters will yet decide the eventual size and total cost of the reservoir, Heraty illustrated his frustration by leaving the room.