Get a load of this dam project!

Lodge owner [and TU Staffer] Brian Kraft leads the charge against a mine that threatens the Bristol Bay fishery. ".... According to documents submitted by the mining company....  the pit would be roughly two miles by three miles in size. In the course of mineral extraction, the operation would generate an estimated 2.6 billion tons of waste rock. In order to hold back this waste, the company would have to construct of series of five dams and embankments. Eventually, one of the embankments would be 4.3 miles long and 740 feet high, and another earthen dam would stretch for 2.9 miles and rise to 700 feet high. These structures would be bigger than the Hoover or Grand Coulee dams, and would, in fact, dwarf the Three Gorges Dam in China—presently the world’s largest. All this digging and construction would occur in one of Alaska’s most seismically active areas and at the headwaters of its finest, wildest salmon and trout fishery....:

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