Colorado Sportsmen's Caucus Meeting

For your information. Hope you might be able to attend. Both Rod Van Velson and I had the opportunity to meet with Ari Zavaras and discuss the current program between Corrections and DOW using inmate labor to do stream improvement in South Park. Eight miles have been completed. Rod's idea is to see the State (source of money undetermined, but a numbers of options exist) purchase $600,000 plus of equipment, which would be under the control of Corrections at Buena Vista. Inmates would be responsible for maintaining the equipment (learning a job skill) and operation of the equipment (heavy equipment certification) and the public gets vastly improved streams and fisheries. In addition to streams, other work could include projects on State Wildlife Areas, Parks and National Forests. The target Counties would initially be Park, Chaffee and Lake.


Co Chairs

Senator Lois Tochtrop


Representative John Soper

invite you to


The Colorado Sportsmen’s Caucus Meeting

§        Thursday April 19 at noon

§        Senate Committee Room 356

§        Colorado State Capitol


Bring your lunch and settle in for a presentation by Rod VanVelson and Eddie Kochman on corrections inmates entering a DOW program to give them job skills and work experience AND (hopefully) a brief presentation by Gary Nichols, Park CO Tourism Director, on his landowner/fisherman pilot program.


Senator Lois Tochtrop: (303) 866-4863

Representative John Soper:  (303) 866-2931