Chapters and volunteers recognized for their leadership at CTU 2018 Rendezvous

  Emma and Heather both received the Outstanding Volunteer Award.     Image credit: Emma Brown

Emma and Heather both received the Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Image credit: Emma Brown

Each year, CTU recognizes individuals and chapters that have shown great leadership in Trout Unlimited across the state. This year, they had 11 awards presented on Sunday April 29, 2018 up at Keystone, CO. Congratulations to everyone who was recognized, your hard work was noticed! The awardees are as follows: 

Outstanding Volunteer

Josh Anaya – for his leadership in strengthening communications for the Southern Colorado Greenbacks Chapter and spearheading the Frostbite Fishoff

Emma Brown –for her work with The Greenbacks in leading youth education and trout conservation projects including the Outdoor Mentors program

Anna Drexler-Dreis –for her Grand County community leadership including developing and implementing riparian restoration efforts with the Fraser Flats project

Dick Shinton –for his work with long-time dedication to youth education including the Colorado TU youth camp, chapter fly tying programs, and mentorship for young anglers

Jason Groves – for his leadership in revitalizing the Ferdinand Hayden Chapter as a viable, active local TU presence in the Roaring Fork Valley

Heather Sees- for her vision and leadership in strengthening The Greenbacks and programming for native trout, youth education, and partnerships including with the Mayfly Project

Exemplary Youth Education

Rocky Mountain Flycasters – for its diverse youth offerings including a summer day camp, multiple Trout in the Classroom partnerships, and community education partnerships


John Connolly Outstanding Chapter Communications Award

Grand Valley Anglers – for their exemplary newsletter and online engagement efforts with both their membership and the local community


Exemplary Project

Gore Range Chapter – for its Blue River Explorer Hike program to educate and engage local and visiting youth with the river

Colorado River Headwaters Chapter – for the Fraser Flats Project, the first partnership effort under the “Learning by Doing” program, dramatically improving the local fishery


Exemplary Chapter

Collegiate Peaks Anglers – for its strong community-based partnerships promoting youth education and trout conservation in the Arkansas basin

60 trout released by Lyons Elementary students

Fifth grade students from Lyons Elementary School released around 60 fry back into the wild in collaboration with the St. Vrain Anglers TU Chapter, Colorado Trout Unlimited, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The release was part of their ongoing  Trout in the Classroom (TIC) Program where students are engaged in trout biology and environmental sciences. Students raised trout from egg to fry - monitoring their growth, tank environment, and life cycle. Along with raising adorable trout, students gain an appreciation for water resources, conservation ethics, and become involved in their local watershed!

2018 Gomolchak Grant helps fund 6 different Colorado projects


The Leo Gomolchak Conservation Grants Program, named for Leo Gomolchak, a longtime CTU staffer and volunteer who worked tirelessly to promote wild and native trout restoration in Colorado helps benefit conservation efforts and organizational development at the chapter level by providing seed money which can be used as a starting point in financing grassroots conservation and/or education activities. This year at the 2018 Western Regional Rendezvous on Sunday, April 29, Keystone, CO, six projects across Colorado were awarded each $1300. Below are those recipients and their corresponding projects. Congratulations!

Boulder Flycasters: Trout in the Classroom and Watershed Education. The chapter, in collaboration with Lefthand and Fourmile Watershed groups, will establish four new Trout in the Classroom locations as part of a broader watershed education program to engage Boulder County students in watershed education and conservation.

The Greenbacks: Rock Creek / Black Canyon native trout. The Greenbacks are part of a multi-agency partnership to restore native greenback cutthroat trout in Rock Creek and its tributary Black Canyon (located in the upper Tarryall drainage). These funds will be part of the matching resources for construction of the final permanent barrier at the bottom of the total project. The Greenbacks will be holding a fall 2018 fundraiser with 100% of proceeds going toward this project, as additional matching resources for this grant.

Gunnison Angling Society: Adopt-a-Trout 2.0. Building on the well-received adopt-a-trout program conducted with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Gunnison area students on Tomichi Creek, this project will involve area students in a similar monitoring effort to assess fish migration among Tomichi, Cochetopa and Quartz Creeks.


Southern Colorado Greenbacks: Trout in the Classroom. The Southern Colorado Greenbacks will help launch a new Trout in the Classroom site with a Pueblo-area middle school, where the partner teacher would use the program to engage her students with hands-on learning about nature including the understanding of water quality. The chapter will match Gomolchak Grant funds with proceeds raised through their Frostbite Fishoff.

St. Vrain Anglers: Trout in the Classroom. The St Vrain Anglers are will be bringing Trout in the Classroom to a Lyons elementary school. The Gomolchak Grant will help cover the initial capital costs for equipment, with the chapter than providing annual support to cover site operating costs as a match on this grant.

West Denver: RiverWatch. The West Denver Chapter is tackling a water quality monitoring project with RiverWatch on three sites along Clear Creek, including not just basic water chemistry but also macroinvertebrate sampling. One of the sampling events would be conducted in partnership with a Forest Service kids day education event on the Forest.


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