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Rocky Mountain Flyathlon

On paper, there is nothing exceptional about Middle Creek. It is not Wild or Scenic, nor has it been bestowed

CTU Meets the World: Family Fly Fishing Festival

It’s a beautiful, warm day in August at Nova Guides Lodge, or at least it was on August 15th when

San Luis Valley Volunteer Opportunities and Events

Volunteering  Due to a partial rain delay on the last Hidden Mile workday, volunteers are needed once again to work

The Animas & Why Headwaters Matter

Jack Bombardier, an outstanding guide running Confluence Casting working on the Upper Colorado river above Dotsero, wrote the following piece

What’s Happening in Your Watershed

view our interactive map to find out

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Action Center

Ask Congress to Protect Our Headwaters

On May 27, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers issued new Clean Water rules that restore long-standing protections to

Tell the Governor: Healthy Rivers Matter!

On  December 10, a draft of Colorado’s Water Plan was formally presented to Governor Hickenlooper – and will no undergo

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