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State of the Trout Report Shows Challenges for Native Cutthroat

Trout Unlimited released a new “State of the Trout” report highlighting the status – and plight – of native trout

A Renewed Push for Good Samaritan Legislation

Historically, mining played a large role in settling the American West and building the nation.  However, its legacy – more

Help determine future of Rio Grande National Forest

The Rio Grande National Forest has two public meeting scheduled for the week of June 22nd to discuss and gather

Denver TU Receives Grant from Wells Fargo!

The Greenway Foundation and Denver Trout Unlimited Receive $50,000 Grant from Wells Fargo-NFWF to Support  their Sustainable South Platte River 

What’s Happening in Your Watershed

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Ask Congress to Protect Our Headwaters

On May 27, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers issued new Clean Water rules that restore long-standing protections to

Tell the Governor: Healthy Rivers Matter!

On  December 10, a draft of Colorado’s Water Plan was formally presented to Governor Hickenlooper – and will no undergo

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