Stream Activities

Over the course of multiple sessions, Girl Scouts complete six different activities in addition to a series of discussions and observations in order to receive the custom STREAM Girls patch. Girls will act as scientists, anglers, and artists as they observe a stream, complete a stream scavenger hunt, collect flow data, sample macro-invertebrates (aka aquatic bugs), tie flies, and learn fly casting.

The objective of the STREAM Walk is to have the Girl Scouts deeply observe all aspects of a stream. Using their handbooks as guidance, girls will gather information such as the name and location of the stream; current weather conditions; the depth, width, clarity and color of the stream. They will make note of the smell and sounds they hear around the stream, as well as making descriptions on the bottom of the stream and the surrounding riparian zone. Girls will also take note on the presence of wildlife and human activity in and around the stream.

Go with the Flow!
Girl Scouts will use a circular object, stop watch, yard stick, measuring tape, and survey flags to measure the flow of the stream. Girls will build an understanding about the movement of water and how human and riparian conditions can affect that.

Fly Tying
Girl Scouts will be introduced to flies and basic fly tying techniques. Each girl will have a fly tying kit and will be introduced to a basic fly such as the san juan worm or the woolly bugger.

Macro-invertebrate Sampling
Girl Scouts will set out to discover the invertebrate life of a stream and to measure the abundance and diversity of this life as a sign of long-term water quality. The girls will go through a few different processes to collect macro-invertebrate samples. Some of the girls will be turning over rocks and other debris around the stream. The others will be using a net to kick up stream debris and macro-invertebrates. All of the girls will observe and categorize the aquatic insects using spoons, a tarp, magnifying tools and ice cube trays.

Fly Casting
Girl Scouts will learn the basic mechanics of fly fishing. The girls will learn about the different parts of a fly rod, including the fly reel and fly line. They will learn the difference between a regular spinning rod and a fly rod. Lastly, they will get a basic lesson about how and why a fly rod works.

STREAM Scavenger Hunt
During the STREAM Scavenger Hunt, Girl Scouts will be introduced to the idea that healthy streams have many parts and they will identify the nine ingredients that make a healthy stream. Each team of girls will get a set of nine survey flags. The survey flags will be labeled water, riffles, rocks, trees, wood, short plants, sky, animals, and bugs.

STREAM Bracelets
Girl Scouts will end the day by creating a bracelet that reflects the ingredients of a healthy stream. The girls will use fly line and beads representing water, riffles, rocks, trees, wood, short plants, sky, animals and bugs.