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Denver Angling Society: a Luncheon with April Archer


Join Colorado Trout Unlimited's Denver Angling Society for a special lunch and presentation with April Archer, CEO + Founder of SaraBella Fishing. As a Colorado native and avid fly angler, April will share insight on the art + craft of rod-building, exciting developments for women in fly fishing, and what it takes to build a socially/environmentally conscious manufacturing business in the fly fishing industry.

Female anglers represent a fast-rising segment of the fly fishing industry. It’s not a fad, a phase, or a phenomenon. It’s an enthusiastic, talented, passionate, fun-loving collection of anglers who fish for a variety of reasons. In this discussion, April will share data and insight on why women fish and how their participation can impact conservation, tradition, and innovation.

As one of the few woman-owned fly rod manufacturers, April will tell us how SaraBella began and where the company is today (4 years later!). She’ll give a high-level overview of what it takes to build a fly rod and why SaraBella Fishing commits to a unique business model in its effort to make a positive impact. SaraBella hires Survivors to work on their rod-building team, including disabled Veterans.

Of course, April will also share fishing stories and why she loves this sport so much (and why she loves to teach/share it with new anglers)!