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River Restoration

Urban South Platte

Although trout and other wildlife currently suffer from severe habitat degradation and poor water quality along this 12 mile stretch of the South Platte, a private-public partnership has developed a plan to take back this urban gem to provide recreation and enjoyment for all!

The Urban South Platte Project will change a degraded urban stream into a fresh flowing water course through the 880-acre South Platte Park located in the neighborhood of Littleton, Colorado and will provide Denver-metro residents, visitors, and youth an opportunity to connect with nature, fostering a lifelong respect for Colorado’s water resources.

Upon project completion, riffles, pools, and rocks will recreate opportunities for fishing and recreation that have been lost to flood channels, development, and neglect. A coalition of 9 civic and governmental partners have completed the preliminary project design and phase I of the project is underway.

Future in-stream work will include bank stabilization to control sediment and silt, low flow channels for boating, high flow refuge obstructions for protection of fish, and reconnection of the river to existing ponds within the park.

To track project progress and provide local youth valuable outdoor learning opportunities, volunteers will work with kids and teens at the Carson Nature Center in South Platte Park to monitor and measure the project’s success in both restoring the fish habitat.

The urban portion of the South Platte River runs throughout Denver-metro area, providing millions of metro-area residents and visitors the opportunity to connect with a resource that makes Colorado great–our rivers!

Having raised over $20,000 for the project to date, the Denver Trout Unlimited Chapter is hoping to raise additional funds for the restoration of the urban South Platte!

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Donate: Help us raise money for the project by making a contribution.
  2. Spread The Word: Send a link to this site to your friends and family and encourage them to get involved.
  3. Learn More: Watch DTU’s video about the South Platte project below or visit the DTU website to read more about the project.