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Youth Conservation

TU Costa 5 Rivers College Program

colorado college fishing

Colorado Trout Unlimited takes pride in its Costa 5 Rivers program. Centered around college students, this program focuses on involving young adults in conservation and fly fishing, always with the goals and values of TU in mind. College clubs are free for students and the groups work to plan trips and events for their members. Support from generous sponsors such as Costa Del Mar, Orvis, Temple Fork outfitters, and LL Bean.  It is our hope that these clubs drive a passion for angling and conservation, and create a base for the future of Trout Unlimited.

College YouthThere are currently 62 college clubs in the country and 14 in the western United States- 10 are located in Colorado. 5 Rivers Clubs must integrate events that work with 5 different pillars- conservation, fundraising, community outreach, be an ambassador for Costa del Mar, and have a TU connection.

Each spring, Colorado Trout Unlimited with help from Costa, supports a College Rendezvous event that brings all of the clubs in the West together for a weekend of fishing, conservation, comradery, and other fun activities.

For more information on the TU Costa 5 Rivers Clubs, including how to start a club at your local college or university, visit

What can TU do to help your College Club?
  • Funds and assistance in the creation of club outreach materials such as stickers, banners, hats and t-shirts through partnership with Costa del Mar
  • Deals on Temple Fork Outfitters gear
  • Opportunities to network with other 5 Rivers Clubs
  • Volunteer opportunities for service-learning projects
  • Expertise (for fly casting clinics, fly tying clinics, etc.)
  • Loaner fly fishing equipment
  • Professional Development opportunities (seat on chapter board, internships with chapters or staff)
  • Free membership for club officers.  Half price membership for all other first time members.
Current 5 Rivers clubs in Colorado include: