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Rendezvous Presentations

Speakers at our annual Rendezvous conferences have graciously agreed to make their presentations available for download. By downloading any of this material, you are explicitly agreeing to appropriately credit the speaker for his/her contribution. The sessions are listed in chronological order.

Rendezvous 2013

  1. Healthy Rivers Sustain Rural Communities on Colorado’s West Slope. Richard Van Gytenbeek
  2. Energy Development in the Thompson Divide and What It Means to Sportsmen. Aaron Kindle (no ppt)
  3. Relief Ditch Diversion Modification. George Osborn and Cary Denison
  4. Hermosa Creek: A OneTU Initiative. Ty Churchwell
  5. CFWS Funding Programs. Pam Sponholtz
  6. Sportsmen Ride Right. Garrett VeneKlasen and Aaron Kindle (no ppt)
  7. Engaging the Next Generation. Jake Lemon
  8. Emerging Water Quality Challenges for Colorado’s Coldwater Fisheries. Andrew Todd
  9. Chapter Outreach Tools. Stephanie Scott (no ppt)
  10. Climate Change in the West. Nick Payne (no ppt)
  11. Colorado TU Business Meeting (no ppt)
  12. Colorado TU Strategic Scoping Session (no ppt)
  13. Electronic Fish Barrier. Marshall Pendergrass
  14. TU Policy Efforts. Jen Boulton and Stephanie Scott (no ppt)
  15. Chapter Sustainability. Jon Weimer, Jim Long, Dale Smith (no ppt)