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Youth Conservation

Lessons and Activities

Colorado TU provides a variety of youth program resources to support local chapter involvement in K-12 education. Please feel free to browse and use the information below.

TU Coldwater Conservation Education Guide

This guide contains over 100 pages describing 17 coldwater conservation science activities as well as sample class schedules for full-day and week-long camps. It was written by Margaret Sherriffs and Duncan Blair of TU based on materials from Project WET and Earth Force.

Catch the Critter

This memory-style game helps students learn the pollution-tolerance levels of various species of macroinvertebrates, and to understand how scientists use macroinvertebrate sampling to judge the health of a stream. Best for grade-school level audiences.

Mock Fly Tying

This activity is a great introduction to fly fishing and fly tying, while also getting kids to make close observations of aquatic macro invertebrates.

Trout Tag

This tag-style activity is a great way to start off a program, get students active and enthusiastic, and reinforce food web concepts.

 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Discovery Pool

This is a fun hands-on activity that allows kids to learn about and handle living aquatic macroinvertebrates.  It is well suited for chapter booths at community events.