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Introduced Resolution in Colorado State House recognizes the importance of our outdoor industry

Posted by coloradoTUadmin on February 7, 2018 in Conservation, Fishing, Habitat, Leadership, Legislation and Advocacy, Press/PR, Trout

Stand for Your Land

Vocal support for our public lands and access to them is becoming increasingly popular as outdoor businesses, sportsmen and women, organizations, and legislators are working together to make sure that Colorado upholds its tradition of protecting and maintaining our beautiful parks and open spaces. Colorado’s public lands are funded mostly through the Colorado Lottery, Licenses & Fees, and grants. Right now we are seeing those financial institutions at risk of being weakened or discontinued. This year we have the chance to be heard and tell our state government that we believe in the preservation and continued support that our public lands desperately need.

In honor of the kickoff of the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, Colorado’s legislature has introduced House Joint Resolution 18-1002, enthusiastically welcoming Outdoor Retailer to Colorado, and requesting that Colorado continue its support for the outdoor industry and its legacy of funding and expanding access to public lands and waters. This is an important collaboration emphasizing that businesses support and depend on Colorado’s conservation and recreation efforts.

13.5 million people visit Colorado’s state parks each year.

Some key quotes from the HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 18-1002 are as follows:

“Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry annually generates $28 billion in consumer spending, contributes $9.7 billion in wages and salaries and $2 billion in state and local tax revenue, and supports 229,000 direct jobs across the state.”

“The opportunities for recreation and access to Colorado’s parks and public land serve as an incentive for businesses and employees to locate in or relocate to Colorado.”

“Colorado’s lands and waters support not only outdoor recreation, but also jobs related to agriculture, energy, and natural resources.”

“These lands and recreation opportunities require well-funded and accessible public lands and waters, and the state of Colorado has taken many significant actions to support and protect public lands and  outdoor recreation opportunities in the state.”

Read the whole resolution here.

If you believe that our government should invest in our public lands and ensure the sustainability of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, take action today!


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