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Leo Gomolchak Conservation Grants – Application Period Open Now!

Posted by Dan Omasta on January 16, 2018 in Conservation, Fund Raising

CTU is pleased to announce that we are accepting proposals for the Leo Gomolchak Conservation Grants Program, named for Leo Gomolchak, a longtime CTU staffer and volunteer who worked tirelessly to promote wild and native trout restoration in Colorado.   This program is designed to benefit conservation efforts and organizational development at the chapter level by providing seed money which can be used as a starting point in financing grassroots conservation and/or education activities.

Under this program, we are inviting chapters to apply for grants of up to $1,500.  The application process and review criteria are described below. The application deadline is March 2.  Contact me if you have any questions regarding this process (, or 303-440-2937 x1).


Application.  To apply for a Gomolchak Grant, chapter presidents should submit a brief letter (not more than two pages) that:

  • Describes the proposed project
  • Explains the purpose and need for the project
  • Lists the expected project costs, the level of funding requested from CTU, any anticipated project funding from other sources, and if the chapter requests assistance in pursuing other matching grants; and
  • Outlines the timeline for the project’s implementation.


Grant review criteria are listed below.  In describing the project, application letters should note the ways in which a proposal addresses these criteria (of course, not every project will address every criterion).

Application letters should be received by March 2 at CTU.  Email is preferred (send to, but letters can also be submitted by mail to 1536 Wynkoop Street, Suite 320, Denver, CO 80202.

A final report (again, a brief letter, including photos if available) outlining how funds were used and project results will be required for any approved grant. Chapters with outstanding Gomolchak Grants for which final reports have not been submitted will be asked to provide the report (or a progress update, if implementation has been delayed), before funding for a new grant can be issued.


Grant review criteria.

  • Significance – the degree to which a project will improve wild or native trout resources
  • Organizational health – the degree to which a project will improve TU’s organizational strength at the chapter level
  • Demonstration value – the extent to which a project will provide a model that can be applied by other TU chapters or partners
  • Do-ability – the capability of the chapter and its project partners to carry out the proposal
  • Need – the extent to which CTU support will make the project possible
  • Innovation – we encourage new and creative ideas that might not otherwise be attempted
  • Partnerships – projects that involve multiple chapters or that promote CTU/chapter collaboration are encouraged

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