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Mine Reclamation Updates

Posted by Jeff Florence on May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Site Location Update
Lower Creek Boulder, CO, near Jamestown, CO We’ve had the opportunity to partner with the Lefthand Watershed Oversight Group (LWOG) to perform water quality and sediment sampling on Lower Creek and Lefthand Creek. We’ve sampled Lower Creek for low flow, post-rainfall and post-snowmelt conditions. We’ll sample for high-flow conditions later this summer. Our next step is to work with an ecologist to develop a revegetation plan for the site.
Fourmile Creek Boulder CO, near Gold Hill, CO We’ve been asked to partner with the Fourmile Watershed Coalition to perform water quality sampling throughout the Fourmile watershed. This will be a small sampling event, but will provide a baseline for the watershed. We still hope to receive a larger grant in July to perform high flow and low flow sampling at additional sites throughout the watershed.
Doctor Mine Empire, CO We plan to monitor water quality at this site to monitor the overall effectiveness of work completed in 2014.
Lion Creek Empire, CO We are planning on completing a tracer study in partnership with the USGS at this site this summer. The tracer study will help us understand groundwater flow from the Minnesota Mine that impacts the Lion Creek watershed. We hope that the results will help us plan effective future work.
Leavenworth Creek Georgetown, CO This will be a large construction project for us this summer. We have received the final draft of the technical memo that will guide our work on the dispersed tailings in the Leavenworth Creek watershed. We hope to address these tailings this year and complete revegetation at the Santiago Mill site.
Illinois Gulch Breckenridge, CO TU continues to work with CDPHE, EPA, project partners and the property owner to decide the best option given site conditions.  An engineering evaluation and cost analysis (EE/CA) is in the process of being finalized that will guide the new stream re-alignment and mine waste reclamation scheduled to take place in early fall 2017.
Chalk Creek Buena Vista, CO We continue to work with USEPA, DRMS and the USFS to help develop and “truth-test” a post closure monitoring plan for this area. We have also developed an agreement with the Pike San Isabel forest to help them control drainage from the Mary Murphy Mine in the Chalk Creek watershed.
Minnie Lynch Mine Villa Grove, CO This is our other large construction project for the year. We plan on completing phase 3 of work here which will involve stabilization of mine waste piles, hydrologic controls and development of settling basins. We’re in the final stages of RFP development for this project.
Stinkingwater Mining District Cody, WY We have completed our sampling plan for this area and expect to work with the USFS to sample water quality in the district in late July.

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