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Protecting Colorado’s Water Quality

Posted by Jeff Florence on May 26, 2016 in Action Center, Action Needed!, Basin Updates, Chapters, Colorado Water Project, Conservation, Leadership, Legislation and Advocacy, Press/PR, Trout, Water Quality

The Colorado Water Quality Control Commission is considering a state policy change BearcreekGreenback,Poolonethat would weaken the temperature standards that are supposed to protect trout streams throughout the state. The proposed changes brought forth by the Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) would put many trout fisheries at risk including during spawning periods.

Take Action and tell the WQCC you do not approve of these changes!

The changes proposed by the WQCD will increase the “standard” temperatures allowed for around 1/3 of Colorado’s trout streams, based solely on their elevation, allowing the fish’ stress levels to increase and ultimately cause problems for their feeding, growing and movement. According to the EPA, the proposed standards for lower elevation coldwater streams (22 C) are actually lethal for trout exposed to them over seven days.Higher temperature standards also would be allowed on all streams during the “shoulder” months of March and April and October and November – which overlaps with Rainbow and Brown spawning seasons when the fish are more sensitive and susceptible to changes in their environment, and where their successful natural reproduction can be harmed. These shoulder standards are also higher (65F) than what is needed to support successful trout spawning (59-61F).

Make your voice heard by sending a letter to the WQCC

Learn more about the proposed changes

Bear Creek CutthroatTrout Unlimited is working to ensure that the temperatures of Colorado’s streams remain at a healthy level for trout to survive. CTU has put together an Action Alert asking members and supporters to reach out to the WQCC and show that these changes will be harmful to our state’s trout and fishing opportunity!

One Response to This Post Already

  1. Bob Migliore on May 26, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    I come to fish the Colorado waters with guides.

    Trout are a cold water species.

    Please listen to the scientists and fish biologists and don’t harm the fish habitat and spawning of the many trout species by warming their waters.

    Fishing is a large part of Colorado’s tourist dollar.


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