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Boulder-produced film up for conservation award

Posted by David Stillwell on August 30, 2011 in Western Water Project

Boulder Weekly

By Steve Weishampel

Trout Unlimited is proud of its success stories. They’re plastered throughout the conservation group’s website, describing completed restoration projects and habitat preservation efforts across the U.S.

Its next success could come on the silver screen, thanks to a documentary project co-produced by Louisville resident Randy Scholfield, who works for Trout Unlimited’s Western Water Project in Boulder. The short film is one of six finalists in the national Intelligent Use of Water Competition, which awards prizes for films that present solutions to water issues.

Scholfield’s entry, Water Partners — filmed by Kathy Kasic of Metamorph Films of Montana — is just over eight minutes and highlights Trout Unlimited’s efforts across the West to preserve streams and rivers.

“We wanted to make a film about our work restoring streams in the West, partnering with ranchers and farmers to restore these streams,” Scholfield says. “People famously have fought over water in the West. But going forward it’s going to take more cooperation to ensure we have adequate water.”

The film emphasizes partnerships with ranches, which Scholfield says are central to Trout Unlimited’s mission.

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