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Posted by Sinjin Eberle on June 5, 2007 in Action Needed!

Hey there,

It has been a couple months since I set up this blog site, and it seems (to me) to be going pretty well…here are some stats…

To date – there have been 512 viewings of the site, the best day (May 29) had 48 viewings (for whatever reason).  There are currently 39 posts within the site, and I have 14 different categories that articles have been listed under.

So, you tell me – is this helpful?  Has it been informative?  Our vision was that it would be an easy way to broadcast information that may or may not have been previously available.

Use the comments box below and let me know what you think – all opinions are welcome, generous or harsh, they are all fine.  If there are gripes or complaints (that I can fix) I will be happy to consider it.



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